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Every single student deserves to benefit from the outstanding growth opportunities that abound at ETHS -- but far too often, where we come from predicts who we become. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that when we come together as a community, and when we all have a seat at the table, we all thrive. And when we take a holistic approach to serving our students, we see better outcomes across the board.

My name is Liz Rolewicz, and I’m running for re-election for District 202 School Board to serve as a bridge between our community and the board, and to serve and support all our students through their educational experience from childhood through independence.

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Liz Rolewicz



Rolewicz 4 ETHS

Rolewicz 4 ETHS

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March 7th, 7pm

The D202 Candidate Virtual Forum sponsored by C & W Market and Ice Cream and hosted by Meleika Gardner of Evanston Live TV 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 898 4884 4594
Passcode: Soul

3/9 7pm Parents Engaged/ League of Women Voters Forum

Room N112 at ETHS

3/12 1pm  EC2C Student Forum/ CoE Youth Advisory

Yo Fresh, 635 Chicago Ave

3/14 7pm Evanston CASE Forum -  Zoom

3/20 7pm Three Crowns Forum

2323 McDaniel, Evanston

3/21 6:30pm EBAN

Room E112—the ETHS Welcome Center

Early Voting begins March 20th and extends through April 3rd
Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center 2100 Ridge Ave, Evanston

Election is April 4th, 2023

Paid for and authorized by Rolewicz4 ETHS, 1206 Cleveland St. Evanston, IL 60202 
A copy of our report has been or will be filed with the Cook County Clerk’s Office:

69 W. Washington Street, Chicago IL 60606

The issues that lead to the academic disparities we are seeing based on race are complex, and the solutions will be equally complex. But if we start by really listening, we can conquer inequities one by one. 

No matter who we are, or what issues face, we all pass through our schools. All of our children are touched and shaped by the experiences they have with the education system.

Education is ground zero for societal change.


As a member of the District 202 School board, I will continue to:

  • Do the critical work of addressing the issue of race as a predictor of academic outcomes – with urgency.

  • Strengthen connections to community partners to meet the needs of all ETHS students throughout their educational careers.

  • Maintain rigor, expectations, and excellence in academics.

  • Expand certificate programs and dual enrollment at Oakton Community College.

  • Help students become real-world ready with skills that will give them access to good paying jobs upon graduation.

  • Support our special needs students and families by creating baseline evaluations for academics, analyzing the data, and recommending next steps toward career and independence

  • Continue to support the administration in maintaining our solid financial standing with a transparent and values based budget, and the development of evidence based policies.



I have had the privilege of serving on the ETHS School Board for almost 4 years now, where I have:

  • Worked to hire a new superintendent

  • Championed racial equity initiatives 

  • Supported administration and students through a pandemic

  • Partnered with District 65 on Joint Literacy goal

  • Advocated for our students with the greatest needs

  • Supported the expansion of AP classes and testing

  • Monitored for racial disparities in disciplinary actions

  • Encouraged dual enrollment and certificate programs

  • Attended Courageous Conversations About Race Summit 

I have also enjoyed learning about our community and joining in the fight for justice in our schools through my work with:

The PTA Equity Project (PEP), a District 65 parent led group working to make PTA funding more equitable


Back on Their Feet, a peer to peer grassroots organization whose goal is to raise awareness of unhoused, transitional, and crisis resources in Evanston and to offer resources and support as available.

Chicagoland Foster Parents, a support network of foster parents that shares knowledge and resources around education advocacy, racism, IEP’s and childhood trauma.

Evanston CASE, advocates for appropriate special education services and promotes the inclusion of families and children in school, community activities and programs.